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Body Weight & Puberty Study
Girls grow into women. Does body weight say when?
Body Weight & Puberty Study
Girls seem to be going through puberty a lot earlier these days. Doctors think it may be related to body weight. Are you concerned that your daughter is overweight and may start puberty too soon? Find out more when you enroll your daughter in the Body Weight & Puberty Study.

For the Participant


View of the entrance to the NIEHS campus

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences is located at 111 TW Alexander Drive, Durham, NC, 27709.

View of the front of the CRU building

After passing through the campus entrance security, follow the road to the roundabout and make a left. Follow the signs to "Clinical Research Unit.” The CRU will be located on the right side; patient parking is marked across the building entrance.

Map to CRU